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11 Habits of Outstanding Restaurants

11 Habits of Outstanding Restaurants

The restaurant world will never be the same after what we have been through over the past few years. Things have changed rapidly for restaurants around the globe and many look to the USA for trends and insight into which direction the industry is headed.

The 11 Habits

  1. They have a compelling why or vision! Why do you do what you do? What gets you up in the morning to go to your restaurant and work all day and night?
  2. They have high standards. Raise your standards? That sounds so basic that it can’t be that easy? It sounds easy, but it’ll be the hardest thing you do.
  3. They attract A-players. The best understand that constantly recruiting and attracting top talent isn’t something they do when they need to fill an empty spot on the team. They are always attracting top talent by the message they send out through their guest experience and their marketing.
  4. They live their core values. Your words tell me what you say you are, your action tells me the truth.
  5. They have multiple revenue streams. The pandemic taught a lot of restaurants that they needed to expand their revenue streams. When dining rooms shut down many scrambled to get the cash flow going again. For some, it was too much to change and they shut down.
  6. They are committed to training. The best make training a part of their culture. McDonald’s is known for its rapid growth, but that growth was only possible when they created a national training university called Hamburger U that allowed them to create consistency throughout their global brand which has given them success over the last 66 years!
  7. They create raving fans. The very best brand understands that they have two types of guests. There are external guests that come to their test and purchase goods and services. And they have internal guests that create the experience for the external guests.
  8. They are focused on market domination. The very best brands don’t dabble in marketing. They go all in every day with content that tells their story and share their culture. They make a commitment to not just post, but rather take you on a journey.
  9. They embrace the spirit of hospitality and use technology to keep connected. Memorable brands make you feel special. They make you feel like a guest in your home. Now, some brands have an easier time doing this if they have a lot of guest contact points. The few steps in your guest journey, the more you must ensure that every interaction is maximized.
  10. They constantly protect their brand. When you have worked so hard to create something amazing…you must protect it at all times. The famous athletic clothing line Under Armour has a saying that has become the foundation of their culture: Protect this house.
  11. They practice Kaizen. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. Kaizen is a Japanese term it’s more of a philosophy of “constant and never-ending improvement”. It’s a commitment each day to be better than you were yesterday.

If your restaurant is running smooth and you are making a lot of profits, then you have more good habits than bad habits. Now, if your restaurant is running a little rough, then you have some habits that have to be changed. The good news is that habits are learned behavior so that means if you can learn a habit, you can unlearn it, and then learn a better habit.

Read the full article here from our friends at The Restaurant Coach.

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